Bequia Villas

There is also a lovely outside wooden dining area with plenty of space and seating, and wonderful balcony views. This is a great little space to relax, read a book and take in your surroundings.

Book your stay at Bequia Villas, two authentic beachfront properties situated on the tranquil Princess Margaret Beach, in the Grenadine island of Bequia. The Swedish entrepreneur Bengt Mortstedt has developed Bequia Beach Hotel from two existing hotels, and the result is a property with friendly service offering a contemporary take on colonial Caribbean architecture, influenced by the stage designer Oliver Messel, who built some of the first villas on Mustique. The cottages and villas are located in three different areas, the beach, the ridge and the ridgetop of Adam’s Bay on Bequia island, offering breath-taking views to neighbouring islands. Orchard House is a newly restored, luxury, three bedroom villa with a separate one bedroom studio for rent year round. Booking this superb Estate Villa and It’s neighbour New Eden Beach House on Friendship Beach would provide the perfect venue for up to 16 guests.

There are 4 bathrooms at Flamingo villa. There are sun loungers and shaded seating areas, with tables so you can enjoy a snack or a barbecue comfortably by the poolside. Rental car, and sailing can be arranged. Buyers taking advantage of this realty opportunity will also be able to enter a rental pool where their property will be rented to visitors when unoccupied, translating into a return on their investment. Take taxis – driving is much too difficult for a rental car. As part of the exclusive luxury Liming resort, a wide range of different cottages and villas are up for sale, giving potential buyers the opportunity to live on one of the most desirable locations in the world for its seclusion and tranquillity. Additionally, the Government has granted a concession towards Alien Landholding Licenses (ALL) for The Liming real estate, which reduces its price down to 2% of the totalproperty cost. Steppes Travel has selected two lovely properties to ensure an exclusive and spoiling stay on Bequia.